The Far Conceiving Rock-And-Roll - Linda Lu


Life drawing

In autumn I miss something I have not done since I was in my twenties, namely croquis drawing. I felt in the mood to sign up for such a course. Life drawing is the best thing i know as far as drawing is concerned. You learn a lot every single time. Ideally you should use charcoal and a big drawing pad. Life drawing is very fast and you need to capture the movement in short poses. Poses usually run from 1 to about 12 minutes, the shorter the pose the more you learn. Now I am an art teacher myself ...

The party was great!

Finally I could show my really nice home made muffins with amazing great toppings. The muffins have really nice paper cups and they look amazing happy. My two boy are having their birthday today and I went to school with the muffins so each child in their class got a muffin. I was lucky that none of the children did had any allergic reaction on some products so I could use all normal ingredient. The party was great!